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Pachmarhi - Lapping up Nature with every Visit Here

Pachmarhi is a famous hill station situated in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. There are so many tourist places because of which Pachmarhi is famous. Additionally Pachmarhi is located on the elevation of 1100 meters and hence offer wide and colorful landscapes around it. Every year, large number of tourists from various states and countries visit Pachmarhi and explore the beauty of Pachmarhi. There are lots of interesting places including many ancient monuments and natural sites. Also there are many Pachmarhi hotels which provide all the accommodation options to the tourists.

Generally, tourists who come to visit Pachmarhi, spend few days at Pachmarhi. So such visitors search for hotels to stay for some couple of days. There are lots of budget hotels in Pachmarhi along with several luxury Pachmarhi hotels. Such Pachmarhi hotels are Budget Hotels, Premium Hotels, 3 Star Hotels, 4 Star Hotels, Cottages, Resorts and Luxury Hotels. So that tourists can have more of the choices to choose from. Also tourists can explore the Pachmarhi with the help of a guide and get to know about Pachmarhi. Tourists can get all kind of comforts in Pachmarhi.

Famous places to be visited by tourists are Pandav Caves, Satpura National Park, Bada Mahadev, Gupt Mahadev, Jatashankar, Dhoot Akhilesh, Dhupgarh, Duchess Fall, Pansy Fall, Patharchatta, Handi Koh and Draupadu Kund. Also there are many waterfalls in Pachmarhi where visitors love to spend their time. Pachmarhi is on the distance of 210 KMs from the capital pachmarhi of Bhopal, where visitors can reach for Airport. Roads are well linked with major cities and the nearest railway is at Pipariya.

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Bee Fall Pachmarhi
Pandava Caves Pachmarhi
Apsara Vihar, Pachmarhi
Sunset Point Pachmarhi
Pachmarhi Duchess Fall
Pachmarhi Lake